Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Valentines has come and gone

I knew everyone would want to see some pic's from Maddies meet in Boise- she did so great- and placed 2nd all around. she would have been first if not for the fall off the beam. dang it.

Chad takes first in ah.....Macho Nacho Man

He does this in the mirror and chants "I am a man. I am a good looking man, and dang it, people like me...."

Absolutely Freezing in Boise

Awwwwhhhhh, Duke looks soooooo cute..... in flowers and tulle

this is rilee's Valentines Project at school- the kids put valentines treats inside- she one the most creative- and she did it all herself- Rilee, you rock!

I have been busy in the studio- very busy, but so blessed. We had some exciting things happen at our house. KYLER IS POTTY TRAINED. awesome. He likes to pee outside the kids door and watch it disappear inside a yellow hole in the snow bank. If you come to my house, do not, I repeat, DO NOT come to the side door. You never know what you will find.........or worse, step in if you know what I mean....
For Valentines Chad bought me peach roses. I love peach roses. so not ordinary. Thanks BABE - we've had 15 valentines together. And they keep getting better...
I love you all, and thanks for plugging in!


  1. Lori, I love you. It sounds like your family is amazing, peeing outside and all. Congrats on the potty training! Madison is amazing looks like she is headed for the Olympics. Alisha is amazed at her past video clips and wants to do gymnastics.

  2. We were watching High School Musical 3 last night and I noticed that during the prom scene Sharpay has a feathery hair peice in. I'm thinking you need to somehow market your hair peices to the prom crowd. What do you think?

  3. That is so great that kyler is potty trained and so so funny about the side door! HAHA! Chad looks like he had a good time in Boise!