Friday, February 20, 2009

I made it to Small Magazine !

Small Magazine is an online based subscription with over 50,000 members worldwide- dedicated to children and independant designers for children, (and adults) I thought you should know why I am smiling today. All. Day. Long.
What this means is lots of sales. That's good- because soon I will be going solo and actually paying all the bills with my revenue. It's a scary but exciting challenge - Chad is proud of me. I still can't believe what's happening - like a dream.
I wanted to thank all of you for keeping tabs and carring about me and the family. Wish me good luck!


  1. Gorgeous photos, Lori. Congratulations on the feature!

  2. What an amazing accomplishment! I am so proud of you! You deserve the success!

  3. Lori, WEEHAAWWW! That is totally exciting. Congrats on becoming a super hero. You totally ROCK!

  4. Hey Lori! I keep trying to leave a comment telling you I wish I could grow up to be as awesome as you, but it won't post! My computer is having some issues. I was able to leave one on your other blog - go figure. So good to see your face! Well, here goes...

  5. SWEET! CONGRATS! Keep rockin' it Lori - I'm cheering in the background . . . shhhhh, can you hear me!
    Luv -