Friday, January 16, 2009

Tea and Adventure

Ok Ladies- I'm finally ready to get this giveaway a going! How about we close it on Sunday?

Here's How, my darling little divas':

*Come to my blog

*see what's for giveaway

*Post your comment for entry

*win...well, draw a winner I should say.

*I'll contact you, and post on my blog the winner

*go to

*buy the item for giveaway

*I reimburse you for purchase, and keep postage, unless you're in the area and I'll deliver it myself....

*enjoy free item

Easy. Breezy.

Good luck- so far it's a tie between Berta and Mandy Moo- odds are pretty good!


  1. I better get in on this,SO FUN, you are so talented! PS can I post your giveaway on my blog? let me know! I love it!

  2. thanks for the fabulous giveaway! I love everything in your store!

  3. Glad to see you're underway again! Sheeeesh, what a mess! Your pictures of 'the goods' are really good! Count me in on this-here drawing!

  4. Yeah, that is an awesome purse. Twould go good to accompany me to the Stake Valentine's Dance Feb. 14. By the way, you and Chad are invited too.

  5. I love these little lipstick bags! Your sense of style is marvelous!

    Thanks for doing what you do!

  6. im totally in love with your purses! and i LOVE PINK! so glad you are part of Etsy... Mary from PinqueChocolat

  7. Oh no...looks like I missed the drawing? All the wat from Atlanta here...although born a scouse! (It's in the blood even though I was only there for a few years...hehe.) Anywhoo, I love your things! So's people like you inspiring me to get my part up on Etsy, maybe soon. One more thing, the youn model...oh me oh looks much like my British cousin Amiee! (And the second pose looks like something my other cousin Laurie would do!)

    Let me in on the next (if there is) drawing! : )