Monday, February 1, 2010

Favorite Fashions by Rilee

I adore this coat! I would wear this coat: to school, to church, the store, and to my freinds house. If I was the designer of this coat I would probably make it in dark colors, such as navy blue and light colors such a baby pink. But also a splash of bright with the dark color. Like bright pink buttons, or the thread neon orange.
Super duper cute jeans.  But sometimes they make the legs look to big for the body. I chose this becouse I like how they fit her legs. They don't make her look to big or to skinny.

These boots are to die for. But, they should make them in teal blue. I love that color and I have heard that other people do to. They need to make them more attractive. But don't get me wrong they are!! But different colors i think would attract more poeple.

This ring is classy yet funky. I would wear this all over town!!  People could think that it could be too big but they just need to see it on the model.

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