Sunday, January 10, 2010

Here Kyler is! What is he doing? Acting silly again-like always!
Kyler's first concert for preschool! His class got to sing "Toy land."He sang it all day long.With some other favorites-Soozie snowflakes,Frosty the Snowman,Jingle bells and Santa Clouse is Coming to Town. ky at school with some of his buddies! It looks like it hurts what he is doing to his friend! Whatever- it looks like they are having a blast! ! ! ! !

This is Kyler's classroom. Looks like thay are having either lunch or snack. Oh my! There is mom and kyler! Kyler with TWO eyes open, and of course, mom with One eye closed and one eye open! 8-)

Kyler is such a cutie patutie! He looks so inasent!Just beware, if he has even a little sip of caffine, holy cow, he is bouncing off the walls!

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