Monday, March 9, 2009

Cast Your Vote- AGAIN!

Alright everyone - you know what this is all for - FAME AND GLORY- and I need your help again! Please click right here , and scroll down untill you see this picture- it is called -----Theatric Innocence

I have a chance to be voted for a spot on their gift guide. What does that mean you ask?

It means a permanent direct spot for people who want to buy gifts- and they go right to my store!

Just take a second and do it. If you haven't done Etsy before, you may have to set up an account, but it only takes a second to do it. don't be scared. It won't hurt I promise!

This closes on Monday March 16! So Hurry -Hurry!


  1. Anything for you. Besides - I may be biased, but your headband was the cutest thing to vote for!

  2. Miss Ruby Sue a.k.a Lori,
    I am so glad I was able to find some sort of contact for you! I met you at the post office about 3 weeks ago having already known about you from College Kids who buy and wear your gorgeous items!
    I was wondering if since I'm in Rexburg I would be able to try on some of these items and/or buy them from you directly. I am a girlie girl but am not sure about how some of the headbands with tulle will look on me.
    Please respond to me via my blog or my e-mail! Thanks so much!
    Brittany (your biggest fan)